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Info-Systems Ltd., a leading company in Israel for outsourced inventory solutions, was founded on 1992 by Shmuel Wagner and Arie Marcus who are acting as directors and managers, both hold university certificates in computer science, physics, economics and logistics.


With their original ideas armed the latest technology they can offer the full range of solution that the company shows now to the company’s clients worldwide.


The cooperation between Info-Systems and its clients was the main motif in improving our product and its quality. Based on first services, the company adds a huge amount of knowledge and experience which became an integral part of this service.


This spirit and the the changing economic developments are both characterize Info-Systems throughput and performance, while suppling our flexible wide solution to every client. The every day investment in personal and technology is the main theme of Info-Systems success.


While providing our experienced, flexible and unique solution we guarantee our continuation to the future.


Click to download the Info-Systems LTD. Code of ethics

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